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Our Menu - Il-Buco italian Restaurant - Ristorante Italiano a Otley

Open Hours

Tuesday - Saturday : 5.00 PM - Late
Sunday & Monday : Closed
Our Menu

Our Menu


Polpette Con Crostini£6.95

Succulent homemade meat balls (beef and pork) cooked with fresh tomato sauce and served with...

Cestini Di Formaggio£7.95

Cheese basket stuffed with Mediterranean grill veg and served with taleggio cheese fondue

Antipasto il Buco£9.95

Is a combination of of meat, fish, veg and cheese

Zuppa Del Giorno v£5.95

Freshly made soup of the day. Ask your waiting staff for todays soup

Pizza Marinara v£6.45

A very thin base pizza bread with garlic or tomato or both

Fritto Misto£8.95

A selection of shelled king prawns, calamari and white fish. Delicately fried in a light...

Calamari Fritti£7.95

Squid rings fried in a light batter, served with lemon and a home made tartar...

Bruschetta Mista v£6.95

Lightly griddled Italian bread topped with a mouth-watering selection of prepared mushrooms, peppers, tomato and...

Antipasto Classico£8.95

A real treat. A platter of mixed Italian cured meats and cheeses

Antipasto Vegetariano v£7.95

A creative blend of griddled and marinated Mediterranean vegetables and cheeses, expertly arranged

Carne (Meat)

Porchetta Romana£15.95

Italian style rolled belly pork with Italian spices, slowly roasted with extra virgin olive oil....

Filetto grigliata£18.95

Hand cut locally sourced prime fillet steak grilled to your liking   All meat served...

Bistecca grigliata£16.95

Prime hand cut sirloin steak cooked to your liking   All meat served with mix...


Our Desserts

Homemade Tiramisu – £3.95 Homemade Creme Brulee – £3.95 Homemade Cheesecake – £3.95 Chocolate Fudge...

Early Bird

Early BirdFrom £10.95

Starters Mixed Bruschetta v Lightly griddled Italian bread topped with a mouth-watering selection of prepared...

Our Red Meat and Fish

Meat and Fish

Seeing as we don’t buy frozen, they will always be on the blackboard as specials…...


Penne PasticciateStarter £6.95 - Main £9.95

Ragu, peas, spicy pepperoni and a touch of cream

Spaghetti Alla PuttanescaStarter £5.95 - Main £8.95

Spaghetti pasta cooked with cappers, black olive, anchovies, tomato and chilli

Spaghetti Aglio olio e peperoncinoStarter £5.95 - Main £7.95

Spaghetti with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and a lot of chilli

Gnocchi Alla SorrentinaStarter £5.95 - Main £8.95

Potatoes dumpling cooked with fresh tomato sauce, Italian mozzarella, fresh basil and all cooked in...

Penne Pasta Con PolpetteStarter £5.95 - Main £8.95

Classic dish from south of Italy, pasta tubes in rich tomato sauce with meat balls

Spaghetti All’AmatricanaStarter £5.95 - Main £8.95

The classic from Rome, Spaghetti with pancetta, tomato, red onion and chilli

Penne ArrabbiateStarter £5.95 - Main £8.95

Pasta tubes in tomato sauce with a lot of chilli, basil and garlic

Tagliatelle Al SalmoneStarter £6.95 - Main £9.95

Bow tie pasta shapes in a creamy onion and cherry tomato sauce laced with fresh...

Spaghetti CarbonaraStarter £5.95 - Main £8.95

Spaghetti in a creamy sauce expertly blended with fresh parmesan and pancetta

Tagliatelle Ai Porcini vStarter £6.95 - Main £9.95

Pasta ribbons in a uniquely prepared creamy wild mushroom sauce including the amazing flavour of...

LasagneStarter £5.95 - Main £8.95

Sheets of egg pasta sandwiched with Béchamel and a rich Bolognese topped with cheese

Spaghetti RaguStarter £5.95 - Main £8.95

The classic from Italy. A rich beef Bolognese with spaghetti


All our pizzas use 100% mozzarella and the dough is hand made by our expert chefs

Cappello Di Prete£11.95

2 in 1 pizza. pizza stuffed with mozzarella pollo, asparagus, garlic, salami and pizza margheritta...


Tuna and Onions

Calzone Pulcinella£9.95

A traditional folded pizza stuffed with ricotta, prosciutto, salami, mushroom and mozzarella cheese.   All...

Calzone Vegetariano v£9.95

A traditional folded pizza stuffed with a selection of roasted and griddled vegetables and mozzarella...

Siciliana v£8.95

Griddled aubergine, goats cheese and fresh Parmesan.   All our pizzas use 100% mozzarella and...


The hot one. Spicy pepperoni, red onion with the option of fresh chilli.   All...

Dello Chef£9.95

A little bit of everything, and whole lot of love!   All our pizzas use...

Il Buco v£9.95

The house pizza lavishly topped with spinach, goats cheese, fresh-smoked ricotta and mushrooms   All...


A classic Margherita topped with fresh rocket, Parma Ham and freshly shaved parmesan   All...


A clever combination of ham, mushroom and artichokes   All our pizzas use 100% mozzarella...

Margherita v£8.45

Traditional pizza with a homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese   All our pizzas use...

Polli (chicken)

Pollo Cacciatora£12.95

Fresh chicken breast cooked with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, mushrooms, onion and peppers

Pollo Alla Milanese£12.95

Bread crumbed chicken pan fried until golden

Pollo Alla Diavolo£12.95

Chicken breast cooked with fresh tomato, black olives, extra virgin olive oil, splash of white...

Pollo Agli Asparagi£12.95

Fresh chicken breast cooked in extra virgin olive oil with a light but succulent fresh...

Bocconcini pollo£14.95

Fresh chicken breast flambeed with brandy and cooked with vegetables and its own stock. Served...


Risotto Zucchine e GamberoniStarter £7.95 - Main £10.95

Aborio rice with white wine, garlic, olive oil, king prawn and courgette

Risotto il BucoStarter £7.95 - Main £10.95

Arborio rice with smoked prosciutto, radicchio and a butter parmesan

Risotto VegetarianoStarter £6.95 - Main £9.95

Arborio rice in a delicate sauce using a range of Mediterranean vegetables

Side orders

Side OrdersVarious

Chips  £2.50 Mixed Vegetables  £2.50 Zucchini Fritti – Lightly battered courgettes  £2.50 Patate Al Forno...



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